Israeli Film & Television Producers Association

The Israeli Producers (Film and Television) Association represents the country's leading film and television producers, working together to secure funding, support and the continuous advancement of the local film and broadcast industries.    

IPAC members have achieved local and international acclaim for their innovative and creative approach to production and storytelling; helping Israeli content find audiences domestically and globally.  

The IPAC represents the interests of its members through lobbying and the promotion of laws and regulations  such as the "Film Law" etc..  creating guidelines and voicing the industry's matters in different government ministries and in the Israeli Parliament.

The leadership team and IPAC members work closely with all the platforms and channels  in Israel,  navigating the ever-changing content and technological landscape outlining foundations for successful production while securing producers' rights.

We believe that production = partnership,  and actively work in close collaboration with sister organizations such as the Writers Guild, the Directors Guild and the Actors Guild , ensuring a professional and safe working environment for us all.

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